ps“He has been described as a “Goldsmith” in his art, a boundary-pushing musician, a resourceful improviser and an imaginative composer.” 

Pascal Schumacher is one of the finest vibes players in contemporary jazz. This is an imaginative band, with the talent to use that imagination creatively. The resulting music puts the Quartet at the forefront of European jazz. (Bruce Lindsay, Allaboutjazz)

Short vibes vignettes glow and evaporate, dry percussion tappings under Bad Plus-like piano riffs build to ecstatic grooves, gracefully classical dances are underpinned by rattling drums, and there are yearning ballad-like episodes in which the leader's patient solo development, Chossy's attentive chording and some warm bass counterpoint resemble an updated version of the legendary Modern Jazz Quartet (The Guardian)

As an instrumentalist and composer Pascal Schumacher is a class act, his solos clean, fleet and mellifluous, his pieces both immediately striking and subtle enough to accommodate absorbing explorations from him and his bandmates. (Chris Parker, The Vortex)

With their potent, hook-laden music, this group has an Esbjörn Svensson Trio-like buzz about it. (Thomas Gray, Londonjazz)

The innovative blend of elements of modern classical composition, jazz and rock makes for a highly distinctive group sound (Ian Mann, thejazzmann)

Pascal Schumacher has a sensitive, almost classical approach to the instrument and to crafting his compositions, which results in a very graceful, focused chamber-music feel to some of the pieces. At times, the quartet stretches out in improvisatory passages which embrace European jazz and minimalism. (Manchester Jazz Festival)